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About AFS

AFS works hard to deliver results when dealing with raising your credit score. You can expect results, as our experienced agents use every possible tool in the industry to meet and exceed your credit score needs. We understand that improving your credit is the most important priority right now, and you will be treated with respect and professionalism from the very first moment you contact us. No matter what life throws at you, AFS will be there by your side!

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Don't let your credit score trap you into a life of high interest rates, declined applications, and missed opportunities. AFS wants to help you regain your financial freedom, and enjoy life to the fullest!


There are lots of reasons why people may need to increase their credit score. Are you looking at buying or even renting a home? Perhaps you need to purchase a vehicle for your high-school graduate? Even employers may require a credit report prior to making a job offer to you. There are so many reasons to improve your credit, so contact us today!

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